Don’t Quit Your Day Dream


A part of project I’m working on.



The last couple of days I’ve been having these crazy apocalyptic nightmares. Loads of “walkers” and giant spiders – I now have like the best idea ever for the next big zombie blockbuster – but the really great thing with a twisted dream is that it’s always so inspiring.


bläckfisk_MariaKowalskaElleberg Insekt_MariaKowalskaElleberg Munk_MariaKowalskaElleberg

Wasting My Young Years

Maria Kowalska Elleberg Maria Kowalska EllebergMaria Kowalska Elleberg


Working on a new header for the blog, taking for ever to finish… Loads of details and tini tiny lines. And uhm.. I also drew some of the best-dressed dictators of all time….



Wednesday Doodles

An angry monster, a wasted naked lady and some other drawings that I made the last months or so.


Maria Kowalska Elleberg