To Live Will Be An Awfully Big Adventure

Meathological Radioactive is this great tumblr (so says Dazed Digital, so says I) with just the right amount of disgusting and beautiful stuff. Check it out for crazy good inspiration. It’s just tumblrtastic!


OLYMPIA SCARRY. Bubble Wrap Painting (marble / pink onyx from Iran). 2012. Toootháste kisses f8cc44762096af51b085c482344bc769 54c472c50f906b0834d79e0b141850fb 82fabb3caef1242049378afb4f178d14 a3ef05864e7ca7b6e79d11e944f492c8 0ea3051be751c86700202331f7407369 8893c78f3b42315a875d92b3d4ef6b18 b6e60e885272bd61b0f7268cb8347c52 5e2ad01fe167ee2d68b0974d79adec84 aeabdeffa3f669830b8f7b0dec810c33